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Dating Advice For Meeting Filipinas
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Dating Advice for Meeting Filipinas


These are some general advice guidelines for meeting Filipino women.

The 10 Do and Do not of Meeting a Filipino Woman

1: Do realise when you meet a Filipina girl in Philippines then you may have to endure a chaperone with her. Usually this can be a pain but try to be patient and maybe the next time you meet she may be alone so you can know your Filipino single lady better

2. Do take an interest in your Filipinas family and friends. Pinay women are traditional and family orientated and your Filipina girl friend will seek approval from her friends and family.

3: Do eat lots! Filipina ladies love to eat so much you will wonder where it all goes. Take your Filipino date to eat out and she will love you for it.

4: Do learn some basic tagalog before you go to Philippines. It is really quite simple to learn some basic Tagalog and if you are a single man looking for a Filipina wife then nothing will impress her more than you speaking Tagalog sweet words to her. Read my article on speaking Tagalog to impress.

5:  Do learn about your Filipina girlfriend or Filipina brides culture and customs. If you are visiting the Philippines for the first time its essential to be prepared.

6. Do not ever send money to any single Filipina women you met online unless you are in a deep relationship or married to a Philippine Woman. Read my article Filipina scammers & gold diggers.

7. Do not try to make advances on your Filipina date too early. The Philippines is a very conservative and devoutly catholic country. Any Pinay girl who are too easy should be a warning sign to you and you must take time if your serious to have a Pinay wife forever.

8. Do not fall in love with a bar girl from Manila or any bar girls in the Philippines. These girls may win you with their sweet words but you will never experience the true love you deserve in Philippines if you go down this route and meet bar girls in Manila or Cebu.

9. Do not expect Filipinas to sleep with you or to have sex with a Filipina on the first night. A lot of Filipina girls keep their virginity until married although many may consent when they feel secure in a relationship with you.

Do not fall in love with a Beautiful Filipina for her looks alone. Many may look sweet and innocent but a lot are cunning and can be devious. You should choose your Philippines woman carefully and if you have to multiple date Filipino women then there are lots to choose from. Keep in mind if you take a Pinay woman back home with you after marrying her then make sure she is the right Filipina Bride for you first.