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Learn tagalog to impress your Filipina lady
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Learn Tagalog to Impress your Filipina

Nothing will impress Filipina Women than to hear you speaking some tagalog. You will easily charm Filipina girls and be able to go on Pinoy dating with knowing just a few tagalog words.

Here are some basic sweet and romantic Tagalog words you can learn to make your Filipina girlfriend happy

Kumusta Ka?  How are You?

Mabuhay Welcome

Magandang umaga Good Morning

Maganda Hapon Good Afternoon

Ingat Ka Take Care

Sige Okay

Mahal Kita I love you

Salamat Thank you

Gwapo Handsome

Maganda Beautiful

Pangit Ugly

Napakaganda Mo You're extremely Beautiful

Napakapangit Mo You're very ugly

Bastos Very Rude

Talaga Oh Really

Ganyan Exactly! Just so

OO Yes(sounds like oh oooh in the Teletubbies!

Hindi No

Miss Kita Talaga I really Miss you

Gusto Ikang Halikan I want to Kiss you

Gusto Kitang Pakasalan I want to Marry you

Ikaw ang lahat sa akin You mean everything to me

Asawa Wife or Spouse

Aswawan Husband

Kuripot Stingy or tight fisted (Sounds like curry pot)

Mainit Its very hot

Lola Grandmother

Magkano? How Much is it?

Mahal Expensive

Saan Where?

Ano ito sa Tagalog? What is this in Tagalog?

Learning a few basic tagalog words will impress any Filipina and for any guy dating in the Philippines it will prove useful and a good talking point.