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Culture and Customs of the Philippines
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Culture and Customs of the Philippines

Once you got your heart set on meeting a Filipina girl for a wife or partner, it is totally vital you need to understand their own culture and customs. There are many traditions in the Philippines Islands which I wish I knew this culture having now gone through a failed marriage to a Filipina woman i met in Canada. I can assure you a lot of the problem was I did not take time to understand the culture and that was a recipe for disaster.

Once you are in the Philippines Islands you will feel in absolute paradise when you receive such warm and friendly smiles and greetings. The Philippines Women are known for their  hospitality  and always will you feel like a King or Queen visiting this wonderful country. In fact many Ex Pats feel more at home in Philippines than in their own country, such is the warmth and generosity of these People. The fact they are a third world country is hard to consider because they will leave you feeling you have riches more than any money can buy once you experience this great way of life and the warmth of the people.

The Filipina is proud of their country and traditions. They love to eat and yet remain so slim and sexy it is amazing in itself. You will often be entertained by them drinking a Sam Miguel beer and having a karaoke night is an absolute must.


Filipinas love to receive gifts and boxes of parcels from their family abroad. This is known as Balikbayan. I used to watch my Filipina wife save and store groceries from the supermarket. The box got full of every item from tooth paste and soap to coffee and local t shirts. This cost an absolute fortune to send and when I finally arrived in the Philippines I was amazed to find the very things that were sent were all sold in the local stores? Now why on Earth didnt she just send the money for them to go shopping themselves? Well do not try to understand it just accept that they love to send Balikbayan parcels and the gifts are joyfully received.

Coffee and Text

One amazing site of the Philippines is so see many Filipina girls constantly texting on the most modern expensive phones. Some of these Phones costs around $400 (at least 2 months salary) yet this is seen as a vital to keep in touch with their pinay friends. Always offer to buy her a phone card as usually they may have an expensive mobile phone but they rarely ever have any credit (load) on it.


Now one frustrating part of dating or meeting a Filipina woman would be the dreaded chaperone. I would arrange to meet her and text her I am on my way. Suddenly I am delighted to see this beautiful lady but then she introduces her friend or mother or even both! You have to be patient with this as of course the family and friends just want to check you out. You will usually have to take them for a meal and pick up the bill (only around $10 for all) Once you have endured the test then it is likely you will meet her next time alone, though you may have to be patient if she has a particularly strict family.Above all remember your in the Philippines which has a 95% catholic nation.

Balut and Bola Bola

Filipina ladies are probably the most intelligent women in the world. What they want is your honesty but I have always liked to compliment them on their beauty or sweetness. They often joke back with me Oh You are just giving me Bola Bola  (sweet talker). Just go with the flow and be yourself they will love you for this.  There is no need to put on pretence as she will soon see through this. Try and join in with the culture and eat Balut. Though this once featured on the TV series Fear factor. Balut is the Philippines delicacy and is basically a fertilised chickens egg. This can be up to 21 days old though personally I do not like it when you can taste the foetus feathers. It is absolutely delicious (Masarap) as long as you do not look at it. Baluts are usually sold in Manila by street vendors ,they shout Baluuuut, baluuuut!

Picnics at grave yards on all Saints day (Halloween)

This seems by far the strangest custom in the Philippines. On Halloween night, which is really All saints day traditionally. You will see many florist and street traders selling flowers and plants all over the place and wonder why many people are carefully holding these bouquets  in Jeepneys and tricycles. People will then go to their loved ones grave site and pray and even camp over night. They will remember their beloved family member who has now passed on and eat and drink until the morning time. This may seem a bizarre and weird thing to do. Once I thought about it I realised how people in the west just do not even care about their own family who are living and many old people in the western world die alone. How devoted these people of the Philippines are to remember and spend time thinking of their family who are now no longer with them.

Christmas and New Year

Christmas dinner in the Philippines is known as Nochebuena. The Philippines celebrate the longest Christmas in the world. In October time you will see many festive lanterns and decorations being sold all over the country. This is sometimes strange to see alongside Halloween mask season. Filipinas do not need any excuse to eat. They eat at least 3 times a day and usually this includes rice with everything. On Christmas Eve the streets go crazy with the crackle of fireworks and the nonstop party goes through the night. I was most upset being forced to see every one open their Christmas presents at midnight Why cant we wait until Father Christmas comes in the morning i pleaded?  Well When in Rome as they say! Usually the family may want to attend midnight mass and reflect on the reason for Christmas day. I must admit i did miss having my turkey and stuffing along sides roast potatoes and gravy. However you will never go hungry and your mouth will water with the variety on offer.

New Years Eve

This is another wild night of shouting and music and another reason to let of lots of fireworks and crackers at midnight, be careful though theres no regulations for safety here and many children play with dangerous rockets with a tiny fuse which can easily maim them or you if you do not stand back. Filipinos have so many customs but one of them is to open the doors to bring in luck and happiness for the New Year.