Why Choose a filipina?

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Why Men prefer Filipina women
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Why choose a Filipina?

The beautiful island of the Philippines has something nowhere else in the world can offer.

Filipina Women are the most beautiful, loving, loyal and adorable woman in the world. They speak almost perfect English and are very warm and friendly. The Filipina lady is incredibly intelligent, usually well educated and a Filipina usually make excellent wives, lovers & are hard working but also great choice for a house wife or home maker. Most Filipina ladies are conservative yet very loving with their man and you will always feel like a King with her.

I wish I knew about dating women in the Philippines before I got married and divorced the first time!

When I first started dating Filipina ladies I was amazed with the total attention I was getting ,from making me feel at home and welcome, having wonderful pinoy girls cook for me and even grooming me and cutting my nails!  I say this with some hesitation as I know living in a world of western values I may be seen as old fashioned or chauvinistic (usually a western womans comments) but what I am saying is come on, what western man does not love to be adored and pampered by his woman!

 Now do not get me wrong it do not mean you can lay back with your slippers on and get hand fed grapes all day and do nothing, No the Philippines lady will usually look for a man who is a good provider and can give her some stability in her life. This is exactly the reason why often you will see a beautiful young Filipina girl with a much older man maybe 30 years or more her senior ,not because they are gold diggers but because they want a mature man who is serious and faithful to her.

Many guys will meet  Filipina single ladies and perhaps need to wait for her to be with him after processing her visa or immigration papers etc. You can rest assured that she will be loyal to you and you do not have to be worrying ever minute what she is doing. One of the major mistakes I made in the beginning was to be over whelmed to suddenly have a beautiful woman and believe she really wanted me. In time as you get to know culture of the Philippines  Women this insecurity will subside and you will never regret meeting and knowing a sincere Filipina.

Most men who want a Filipina wife or girlfriend usually tend to be divorced and they are looking to get away from western values, in the Philippines islands divorce is illegal and very few pinoy ladies get their marriage annulled due to marriage being so sacred to a Filipina wife. Of course there are many who become westernised and I will talk about that later. However being a predominant catholic country Filipinas are mostly very devout and many remain virgins until married or are at least in a long term relationship as conceiving outside marriage can still frowned upon.

One if the most irritating things about telling your family and friends you have a Filipina wife or girlfriend  is that they will usually sneer or question her motives, you can hear them now Ha ha why would such a young beautiful  Filipina woman want to be with you if not for money or a way out of there?

The truth is most Filipina women would love to stay living in the Philippines and so would I, however  in reality usually the Filipino men tend to not be as willing to stay at home and more often or not many do end up being disloyal, with all the distractions of the Philippines. Also as it is a poor third world country the men are unable to provide for them and they see a westerner as long term security and many feel the western man is more loving than a Pinoy man.

I am very aware also that sometimes Filipina girls are also accused of being promiscuous; (often jealousy) this is because of the rampant sex trade in the Philippines islands where many are forced into prostitution due to the level of poverty in the country. Yes I have witnessed this going on but most Filipina girls there are very protective of their virginity and I can tell you a Filipina girl really loves to take care of herself always looks and smells good, it is an amazing site to see a beautiful lady come out from a shack of a house and yet somehow she is perfectly dressed and takes pride in her appearance.

A Filipina woman is extremely hard working and always gives more effort than the salary she is getting paid. They often work as Domestic cleaners or Nannies and of course are known to be the most caring in the world for being a nurse or carer. I was actually so inspired by my Filipina wife I worked extra hours myself in the call centre I worked and as a result i had tripled my sales commission within a month!

Most Filipina singles know how to cook and you will never find yourself hungry or eating from frozen packaged food again. They are really good to have home and take pride in keeping the house nice, however do not think you can treat her like a slave. You must also work hard for her and you will never ever look back or choose anyone else again than a Filipina wife.

Any man who has been married to a western lady and now wants to seek a Filipina wife will be very happy as long as he makes the right choice. The Filipina lover will adore him and pamper him, be incredibly loyal and submissive and rarely ever contemplate divorce . She will make you her priority and forever be faithful and its not just a cliché to say Filipinas are the best lovers and Wives in the World.